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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Tetra Tech will no longer offer in-person product compliance classroom training. To continue to support you and your team during this time, we have developed online training courses.

Is a Lack of Compliance Reporting
Capabilities Threatening to Hold Your
Products Back From Market?

Product compliance regulations and OEM requirements are complex. Add to that regular updates and the mass amount of data for every individual product, and it seems only an expert alone could effectively manage and answer the needs. While turnkey expert support isn’t feasible for every company — having a knowledgeable compliance team member is. And the regulatory compliance experts at Tetra Tech, with more than two decades’ industry experience in automotive (IMDS training), aerospace, heavy machinery, electronics and medical devices, are here to help.



Aerospace and Defense


Commercial Vehicles

Medical Devices


Enhance Your In-House Reporting Expertise in as Little as 4 Weeks

Expert Trainers With
Decades of Experience

Tetra Tech online trainings are led by regulatory compliance experts with decades of experience not only in these reporting programs and demands — but also in training itself.

Automotive compliance reporting IMDS EHS services

Expert-Guided Exercises

Each video module in every course provides the background and direction for users to actually implement the regulatory compliance software knowledge and meet new or changing regulations.

electronics compliance ehs services

Quizzes to Test
Proficiency and Growth

After every major video module, users’ understanding is tested, and users cannot continue until they show at least 80% proficiency, ensuring they gain real, applicable value from the course.

You’ll Get Even More
Benefits From Online
Product Compliance Trainings
Into the Future

Included Features Coming Soon!

  • Monthly webinars, for online training tips and updates.
  • User Forum access, providing compliance best practices.
  • Weekly Tetra Tech Compliance Podcast, providing an expert view on global regulatory topics such as REACH, RoHS, California Prop
  • Month-long access to the User Helpline.
  • Weekly online Q&A sessions with compliance trainers.
  • Digital access to training presentation slide decks.
  • Professional Training Certificate, demonstrating proficiency in compliance data quality requirements.

“The IMDS Standard course was extremely helpful — the content was perfect. Instructions were clear and concise, which made it easy to follow instructions.”

Nancy Derouin, Quality Assurance Manager, Phoenix EDT Inc.


Available IMDS Training Courses

Basic Level


New IMDS users


High-level introduction to system, data quality requirements, steps to complete IMDS submission


Build a strong foundation required for reporting and gaining higher expertise

Standard Level


Mid-level IMDS users


Expert insights and hands-on exercises for completing IMDS submission — and overcoming challenges along the way


Gain greater proficiency and accuracy for compliance reporting

Advanced Level


Familiar IMDS users


Techniques and advanced processes to streamline reporting, improve data quality, and prepare for changes and deadlines into the future


Provide greater compliance communications and confidence for greatest customer service

Available CDX Courses

Basic Level

Who: New CDX users + IMDS users looking to expand non-auto markets

What: High-level introduction to system, data quality requirements, steps to complete CDX submission

Why: Gain greater understanding, capabilities and confidence in using CDX system

Available Environmental, Health and Safety Courses

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Custom Course

Who: Oil-handling personnel

What: A 40 CFR 112–compliant training customized using your facility SPCC plan.

Why: Gain greater understanding of SPCC regulation, requirements and your specific SPCC plan

Available SCIP Database Courses

Basic Level


Companies selling product in EU


An expert guide to the new SCIP regulation and how to meet requirements per industry


Gain expert insight and guided processes for complying to keep your products on the EU market

Meet Your Product Compliance Training Experts


IMDS + CDX + SCIP Reporting Expert | Connect

AJ Guikema brings decades of IMDS and CDX expertise, and stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory and software updates to answer new changes like ECHA’s SCIP reporting.

Jason Witter Tetra Tech


SPCC Expert | Connect

Jason Witter is a certified STI SP001 aboveground storage tank inspector, ISO 140001 lead auditor, and general environmental compliance practitioner with extensive experience in SPCC training and plan development.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been to a Tetra Tech in-person IMDS training in the past. Will these online trainings provide similar benefits and value?

Rest assured that our online trainings equal our in-person trainings, such as IMDS training, in the past. In fact, we have been working on multiple features to even enhance the value our trainings provide. For example, users will have access to multiple community features and free resources once they purchase a course. Plus, all trainings can be done remotely, at any time — for greater convenience and less disruption to productivity.

I’d like to provide this training to my entire supply chain. Do you offer discounts?

Discounts levels are available for supply chains at:

  • Level 1: 10 to 100 Suppliers
  • Level 2: 100 to 1,000 Suppliers
  • Level 3: 1,000+ Suppliers

We will provide a special discounted login code, and we can also provide any customized training content for your quality requirements, as well as a dedicated supply chain helpline. Review the supply chain flier or contact us for more information.

Is there any way to preview the online courses?

Yes! Free 30-minute online demonstrations by our expert trainers are available for all our IMDS, CDX and SCIP trainings, where we can also answer any of your further questions. Please contact us at,, or for more information.

I have specialized regulatory compliance needs. Do you offer custom course creation?

Yes, Tetra Tech training experts can work with your team to develop a custom course available to your internal team and/or supply chain (and more). Please email or call 734-546-5674 to learn more and get started.

What can I expect from a course?

Courses are organized in video modules. Each course has anywhere between 13 to 20 videos that break down content in digestible and relevant chunks. The majority of modules include guided, hands-on exercises that not only provides input but also gets users comfortable and capable in performing essential tasks. Almost every module also concludes with a quiz that tests proficiency. The entire course requires the submission of a final exercise, which our expert trainer will personally review and approve prior to awarding a final professional certificate.

Can I ask another question?

Please send any other questions to, and we will get back to you with an answer — and may even add your question to this list to help others.