Do you want to use IMDS to its most powerful reporting capabilities?

We’ll show you the way to greater efficiency, accuracy and confidence with our advanced IMDS training courses.

Tetra Tech IMDS training courses are built on a proven framework that dives into core components of automotive compliance reporting.

  • A foundation of IMDS background knowledge and interface introduction, which better helps reporting professionals know why they are using IMDS and what changes they can expect into the future.
  • The most common data quality requirements, so professionals can answer similar customer requests with confidence.
  • Guided, hands-on exercises, to build actual experience and capabilities for efficient and accurate IMDS reporting.
  • Digital quizzes after each module to keep professionals engaged and checking the knowledge they’ve gained along the way.
  • Professional IMDS Professional Training Standard Certificate, demonstrating proficiency in IMDS data quality requirements.

Access the only American-made online IMDS training courses and the U.S. domestic, on-call experts that come with it.
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IMDS Training
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IMDS Online Training
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IMDS Online Training
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  • Digital access to IMDS online training presentation slide decks.
  • 3 free online Q&A sessions with Tetra Tech IMDS experts.
  • Professional IMDS training certificate, demonstrating proficiency in compliance data quality requirements.


Thorough — and Manageable — IMDS Training Courses

Module 1 | Introduction


Review the International Material Data System (IMDS).
60 Min. | Post-Module Quiz

Modules 2-15 | Guided, Hands-on IMDS Exercises


Learn how to level-up your capabilities in IMDS with in-depth exploration of: Organizational units • MDS stats, requests, forwards and mass updates • Building a library • Material composition • Obsoleting datasheets • Where-used feature
360 Min. | Exercises | 13 Post-Module Quizzes

Modules 16-17 | Final Certification Exercise


Create and submit a final assembly to successfully complete the course and earn professional certification.
20 Min. | Exercise

IMDS Reporting Expert Mayrie Eckermann



IMDS Reporting Expert | | Connect

Mayrie Eckermann has been leading professionals in IMDS training and CDX compliance reporting software training since 2001. She has a passion for helping professionals understand and improve their IMDS and automotive industry reporting capabilities for greater reporting accuracy and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been to a Tetra Tech in-person training in the past. Will these online trainings provide similar benefits and value?

Rest assured that our online trainings equal our in-person trainings, such as IMDS training, in the past. In fact, we have been working on multiple features to even the value our trainings provide. For example, users will have access to multiple community features and free resources once they purchase a course. Plus, all trainings can be done remotely, at any time — for greater convenience and less disruption to productivity.

I’d like to provide this training to my entire supply chain. Do you offer discounts.

Discounts levels are available for supply chains at:

  • 10 to 100 suppliers
  • 100 to 1,000 suppliers
  • 1,000+ suppliers

We will provide a special discounted login code, and we can also provide any customized training content for your quality requirements, as well as a dedicated supply chain helpline.

Is there any way to preview the online courses?

Yes! Free 30-minute online demonstrations by our expert trainers are available for all our IMDS, CDX and SCIP trainings, where we can also answer any of your further questions. Please contact us at for more information.

I have specialized regulatory compliance needs. Do you offer custom course creation?

Yes, Tetra Tech training experts can work with your team to develop a custom course available to your internal team and/or supply chain (and more). Please email or call 734-546-5674 to learn more and get started.

What can I expect from a course?

Courses are organized in video modules. Each course has anywhere between 13 to 20 videos that break down content in digestible and relevant chunks. The majority of modules include guided, hands-on exercises that not only provides input but also gets users comfortable and capable in performing essential tasks. Almost every module also concludes with a quiz that tests proficiency. The entire course requires the submission of a final exercise, which our expert trainer will personally review and approve prior to awarding a final professional certificate.

Can I ask another question?

Please send any other questions to and we will get back to you with an answer — and may even add your question to this list to help others.

Additional questions or concerns? Email us at or call 734-546-5674.