For Accurate and Timely Reporting

When your chemicals data list spans spreadsheets and your supply chain reaches far and wide, reporting accurate and comprehensive information for regulatory compliance can be a hurdle. Suppliers are difficult to reach. Information becomes cumbersome to manage on your own.

One of the key contributors to a successful compliance program is to have excellent documentation backing up your product declarations. This data comes from various sources: lab reports, safety data sheets, internal specifications, supplier declarations and other industry reporting formats. And without proper product compliance reporting, you face legal penalties and risk losing access to customers and markets.

Managing all this data can be one of the most cumbersome components of a compliance program. Understanding data input formats, metrics tracking, employee access and types of reports are key factors thatinform the selection process. Using a neutral third-party in assisting with your selection process can help you make an informed decision so you can be sure you are buying the best product to fit your immediate and future needs. That’s why Tetra Tech compliance experts are here to help.

How You Win With Our Support

  • Guidance on Industry-Leading Software Tools
  • Direct Access to Compliance Experts
  • Stress-Free Supply Chain Management
  • Comprehensive, Accurate Data Gathering Safety Data Sheet authoring and    CLP compliance

Our Software Expertise

  • IMDS
  • CDX
  • iPoint iPCA/iPCM
  • Dassault MCM
  • IPC 1754
  • Assent
  • BOMCheck
  • SCIP Reporting (ECHA)