Now Available! Professional Online SCIP Database Training from Tetra Tech

The Substances of Concern in Products (SCIP) database has been a requirement since January 5, 2021, and your company must be prepared to comply. Built to satisfy the Waste Framework Directive (WFD), SCIP database reporting will be required for anyone who wants to keep their products on the European Union (EU) market.

This requirement will be new for everyone, but you can get ahead with our comprehensive SCIP training. We give you the knowledge and confidence needed to improve data quality, to prepare for upcoming requirement changes and to successfully meet customer deadlines.

SCIP Training Course Details

Our online SCIP training is organized into 16 modules (17 if the certification module is included) , to be completed at your own pace. The training modules include post-module quizzes to increase your understanding and expertise.

Modules 1-4: Introduction

  • Learn the regulatory background of the WFD, REACH and SCIP.

Module 5: Legal Entity Creation + IUCLID Setup

  • Get step-by-step directions for creating an account, logging in and navigating within the system.

Module 6: Key SCIP Concepts + Definitions

  • Familiarize yourself with vital key terms for SCIP reporting.

Modules 7-16: Guided Tour of SCIP Database and Concepts

  • Learn how to create an article, submit a dossier, perform system-to-system data transfers and more.
  • Get expert tips on using SCIP in specific industries including automotive, aerospace and electronics.

Module “17”: Final Certification Submissions

  • Submit your contact data to complete the course and earn professional certification.

Learn even more about our online training in this demo video, where Tetra Tech SCIP experts Andy Gbur and AJ Guikema explain how different industries can use their existing reporting tools, such as IMDS, to meet the new SCIP requirements.

Get Support with Tetra Tech’s SCIP Experts

Get the compliance support and expertise you need with Tetra Tech’s experts. While the SCIP database is a new requirement, we have been supporting similar product compliance reporting requirements for over 20 years and have been working behind the scenes to prepare for SCIP.

Our SCIP training will enable your compliance team to excel in SCIP reporting so you can keep your products on the EU market for years to come.

SCIP Training Now Available

Contact our expert team at [email protected] for even more support. We can help you delve into your supply chain to gather data, implement a compliance program that meets the SCIP database requirements and answer any questions you have about this new requirement.


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