Expertise Across Industry Regulations

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Tetra Tech’s expertise supporting the automotive industry runs deep.

We were involved at the start of the IMDS system in 2001 and were designated as the exclusive North American trainers for the automotive industry in 2002. Since then we have trained 8,500 individuals on that system. We have also supported automotive facilities around the world on environmental, health and safety requirements.

As a major DoD supplier, Tetra Tech has supported the aerospace and defense industry in its environmental and regulatory requirements for the past two decades. With the ROHS Directive’s implementation in 2003, we expanded our industry experience into the high-tech and electronics sectors. With the expirations of medical device-related exemptions in subsequent years, we broadened our client base to medical device manufacturers.

Recently, with the expansion of REACH and other requirements we have been servicing commercial vehicle and heavy equipment manufacturers on their need to complete material content reporting with the constraints of not being able to use IMDS.  As a licensed CDX training firm, we are experienced at implementing this software for organizations.