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The International Material Data System (IMDS), developed in response to the End of Life Vehicles Directive, enables automotive manufacturers and suppliers to fully report the material content within their vehicles. Become an expert in IMDS so you can report with accuracy and efficiency — keeping your products on the market for years to come.

  • OEM Data Quality Requirements
    Understand data quality requirements from your OEM customers and how to meet them in IMDS. Tetra Tech experts can guide you in accurate reporting for your customers.
  • Third-Party Software Evaluations
    Find the best third-party software solutions for your company with our team’s evaluation capabilities.
  • GADSL Reporting
    Get expertise in reporting for the Global Automotive Declarable Substances List, used by many automotive manufacturers. Tetra Tech has been involved in GADSL reporting for over 10 years.

Tetra Tech Experts Here to Support You

With decades of IMDS experience, Tetra Tech’s team can help you meet IMDS requirements, train a professional compliance team and find customized solutions for your company.

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Expert, On-Call Team

Tetra Tech’s team has more than 20 years’ experience working within IMDS. From IMDS software changes to regulatory changes in the automotive industry, our team stays up to date with everything you need to know for IMDS reporting and can answer your questions.

Online Training

Become an expert in IMDS with our professional online IMDS training. Our team has been training suppliers in IMDS since 2002, and we can help you report within IMDS confidently.

Regular Access to Online Resources

Gain access to even more IMDS support with our online resources, from webinars to industry updates. We strive to give you IMDS insights that make your reporting easier.

Your Compliance Expert

AJ Guikema
IMDS + CDX + SCIP Reporting Expert

­AJ has decades of environmental and product compliance consulting experience and brings a unique expertise to all clients. Always up to date with the latest regulations and preparing for new ones — he’s ready to answer all of your compliance questions.

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Strengthen Your IMDS Compliance Reporting With Professional Training

IMDS Training

IMDS Basic

Build a strong IMDS foundation with Tetra Tech’s Basic IMDS course for professionals new to IMDS. Gain a high-level introduction to IMDS, data quality requirements and the steps required to complete submissions.

IMDS Standard

Learn how to overcome IMDS hurdles with our standard course, made for professionals already familiar with IMDS. Expert insights and hands-on exercises will help you complete your IMDS submissions with proficiency.

IMDS Training

IMDS Advanced

Streamline your IMDS techniques and processes with the expert insight in Tetra Tech’s Advanced IMDS course. Learn how to improve your data quality, prepare for requirement changes and successfully meet customer deadlines.

IMDS Training

OEM Custom

Explore customized courses specific to meeting and reporting to OEM data quality requirements. Contact a Tetra Tech specialist for further customization options.

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SCIP Training

Meet SCIP database requirements for your EU market products with guidance from our compliance specialists.

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Keep your products on the market and meet customer requirements with confidence. Tetra Tech can support you with all your IMDS questions and give your team an expert edge in IMDS reporting.