Aerospace and Defense Compliance Support

Navigate complex industry regulations with confidence.


The aerospace and defense industries present unique regulatory challenges — from government issued requirements to even more onerous customer requirements.

  • Requirements From Regulatory Authorities
    Companies in the aerospace and defense industry must meet requirements from governmental entities, often with shifting regulations and aggressive deadlines. These include REACH, SCIP, Conflict Minerals and RoHS.
  • Requirements From Customers
    Regulatory and quality requirements also come from customers and are sometimes even more demanding than those from regulatory authorities.
  • Chemicals Reporting
    Regulatory reporting in aerospace and defense involves collecting chemical product data, both for what you manufacture and what you obtain from suppliers. Your access to the market depends on your accurate reporting.
  • AD-DSL and AD-SRT
    These tools unique to aerospace and defense offer guidance in reporting chemicals and materials.

Tetra Tech Experts Here to Support You

With decades of regulatory experience, our Tetra Tech experts can help you efficiently navigate the changing requirements and complex supply chains of aerospace and defense.

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Expert, On-Call Team

Tetra Tech’s team has more than 20 years’ experience and is an active member of the International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG). We can answer your aerospace and defense regulatory questions and offer the support you need to report with confidence.

Custom Aerospace and Defense Solutions

Aerospace and defense compliance solutions must meet the challenges of a complex industry. From custom assessments and program implementation to AD-DSL and AD-SRT support, we are here to help you.

Regular Access to Online Resources

From industry insights to CDX and SCIP training, we have the resources you need. Access our regulatory insights, guides, training and tools online — anytime and anywhere.

Your Compliance Expert

AJ Guikema
Aerospace/Defense Expert

­With over 20 years of environmental and product compliance consulting experience, Mr. Guikema brings a unique expertise to all clients. Always up to date with the latest regulations and preparing for new ones — he’s ready to answer all of your compliance questions.

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Strengthen Your Regulatory Compliance
Program with Online Training Experience

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CDX Training

Prepare full materials declarations and meet compliance regulations efficiently by using CDX for your non-automotive products.

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SCIP Training

Meet SCIP database requirements for your EU market products with guidance from our compliance specialists.

Compliance Program Implementation


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With changing compliance requirements and aggressive deadlines in the aerospace and defense industry, you want to keep your products on the market and meet regulations with confidence. Tetra Tech can support you in all your compliance needs.