Maintain Compliance Expertise Remotely with Online CDX Training

Tetra Tech’s recent release of our International Material Data System (IMDS) online training has helped the automotive supply chain continue compliance training even during these uncertain times. With travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable future and the current need for both remote work capabilities and a flexible workday schedule, the self-paced course provides trainees with a full-days’ worth of hands-on interactive training.

Now Tetra Tech is extending this concept by offering Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) training online, giving trainees the ability to complete their compliance training remotely and at a flexible pace. After successfully completing the training, users will be able to enter their product data, representing a full material declaration, so that they and their customer(s) can evaluate it for global product compliance regulations such as REACH, Prop 65, and RoHS.

CDX Training Features

While CDX has many features and capabilities, Tetra Tech will focus the initial training offering on novice users and users with some IMDS experience who are looking to provide product compliance declarations to their non-automotive customers or are hoping to expand business in non-automotive markets. Some topics in the initial training include:

  • CDX Introduction
  • CDX Licensing
  • Logging In/Basic Navigation
  • Key CDX Concepts
  • Data Entry Demonstration
  • Basic Data Entry Exercises
  • Submitting CDX Requests to Suppliers

In the future, trainings will be expanded for a wider audience. Topics for future CDX online courses include:

  • CDX Company Organization
  • Defining Regulatory Scope
  • Preparing for Supplier Roll-out
  • Creating CDX MDS Request
  • Basic Data Entry Review
  • Import Functionality
  • Reviewing Incoming Data
  • Export Functionality
  • Evaluating Product Compliance
  • Incorporating CDX into Current Processes

Even in these uncertain times, keeping up with your compliance training doesn’t have to be a challenge. Tetra Tech’s online training modules for IMDS and CDX offer the same proven benefits as our classroom trainings, plus many additional benefits, including the reduction of travel-related time costs and monetary costs. Register for one of our online training courses here.

CDX Online Training

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