What Is the Compliance Data Exchange (CDX)? Getting Started in Non-Automotive Compliance Reporting

As a product manufacturer, you may have come across CDX as a possible regulatory compliance reporting tool — but what is CDX? How can it support product compliance programs?

While automotive companies use IMDS, businesses in other industries do not have a free, common tool for long-term data collection and reporting. Many companies turn to manual processes that do not capture the entire materials data picture, which means they often do not have a standardized process for assessing data quality and maintaining accurate records.

In the long run, this ends up exhausting time and resources, while also leaving room for error and potential non-compliance. CDX is one answer for non-automotive companies looking for a tool to support a high-quality and long-term compliance program.

In this article, we’ll explain the basics you need to know to understand what CDX is and how to get started for long-term compliance reporting management.

What Is CDX?

The Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) is an online product data management system developed and supported by DXC Technology. This online, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform provides manufacturers and suppliers powerful product chemical management capabilities, as well as supply chain communications and alignment. It helps minimize the use of manual and clunky spreadsheets that precariously keep pieces of your product data. The CDX system empowers users to build full materials declarations — detailing every material of your product down your supply chain — to report efficiently and accurately long into the future.

Successful product data management depends on high-quality data and an eye to the future. The system helps standardize product data, as well as supporting data-gathering and submissions from your supply chain through online requests and forms. Alerts exist to help you stay on top of invalid submissions and to maintain the utmost accuracy to be ready for any reporting requirement. Tools and support are built-in to help your team understand changing regulatory requirements and customer (SoC) requests.

Who Should Use CDX?

The software can benefit any company in the electronics, automotive, heavy equipment, medical devices, and aerospace and defense markets. It is especially useful for companies that are outgrowing manual processes and that cannot afford expensive, custom solutions.

As a non-automotive company, the centralized CDX compliance software can help you manage supplier data and report your substances to meet customer and global regulations.

As an automotive company already using IMDS, licensing exists that allows data-transfer between IMDS and CDX — helping your company cover all its compliance bases within sister software platforms.

How Do I Get Started With CDX?

We’ve provided a condensed, essential guide here to make the setup and onboarding as simple as possible. You can find more detailed information for purchasing CDX and getting started at DXC Technology’s CDX System Support page.


While CDX has many free features, there are associated fees in order access certain other features. Your company has no hardware or license cost responsibilities for the data system alone — and creating and sending datasheets is free — however, there are fees for incorporating received datasheets from your suppliers. Learn more here.


Once you determine your pricing level, select “Get Started” to begin registration. CDX requires a self-registration process where an individual registers the company and the first user. This first user will be responsible for creating and maintaining all additional users for the company. We highly recommend the first user be a higher-level, long-term employee.


After registration, your users will be able to access CDX through the online portal using user IDs and passwords. Note that the user ID is unique to each user and differs from the company ID.

Once users are logged in, your compliance team can start the process of requesting supplier information and inputting standard and custom materials to build out your product database.

Do you have more questions? Check out our latest expert CDX FAQ!

Do I Need CDX Training?

Tetra Tech offers a Basic Level of Online CDX Training. Through online modules that your team can access anytime and from anywhere with internet connection, our instructors guide professionals through account setup, hands-on activities to practice vital functions and processes and quizzes that test proficiency along the way.

Going it alone with CDX may cause mistakes, wasted time and potential inaccurate or poor data setup. With professional training, you can report with more accuracy, more ease and greater confidence.


Get More Support

Beyond training, Tetra Tech can support your company with CDX reporting implementation and management. Our experts are here to answer your questions and meet your global regulatory compliance needs. Contact us today at [email protected] for more support.

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