How CDX and IMDS Built-in Guardrails Keep You on Track for Data Accuracy

CDX and IMDS are world-class industry standards in the compliance software market. Whether used to build simple components or complex assemblies, both interfaces offer powerful reporting and analytical capabilities. Because they are so powerful, though, navigating these programs can feel overwhelming to both novice and advanced users alike.

With ever-evolving regulatory requirements and frequently changing customer-specific submission criteria, it might feel like it’s too easy to make a mistake in your reporting. Or maybe the complexity of keying in lengthy bills of material feels intimidating. DXC Technology, the developer of CDX and IMDS, understands that using these programs can feel overwhelming and has made a concerted effort to build in support features that alleviate user anxiety. These features act as guardrails, offering you checks and warnings to ensure your reporting will be accepted by your suppliers.

Built-In IMDS and CDX Knowledge Base

One feature that makes IMDS and CDX so powerful is the wide knowledge base they both offer. User-friendly online manuals, available in multiple languages, guide users across all major software features. Video tutorials help users understand how to do things like search for data, create Material Datasheets, and accept and submit data.

IMDS also has multiple Recommendation documents available, including Recommendation 001, which guides users through what constitutes quality data, ensuring proposed data will be accepted. The FAQ feature in IMDS can also help users troubleshoot common issues.

IMDS and CDX Tools to Ensure Data Accuracy

IMDS and CDX come with tools to guard against data errors, even when users aren’t aware of their potential.

  • Intuitive mouseovers provide additional contextual data while creating components, helping to ensure reporting accuracy.
  • Pop-up information windows will alert users of missed steps or the availability of newer IMDS updates relevant to submissions.
  • Errors and warnings with explanations and suggested corrections are automatically highlighted before submission. These error items can be clicked on individually and the software will take users immediately to the applicable substance or component, no matter how big an assembly tree might be.

IMDS and CDX Tools for Reporting Efficiency

Entering complex components and large assemblies in IMDS and CDX can be time-consuming. This is why software creators have made shortcuts available to help make reporting as efficient as possible.

  • Perform similar tasks again using menu icons or right-click contextual menus, speeding up the entry process.
  • Drill-down options allow users to loop back to the main top assembly in one click.
  • Access to published and standard materials and their international equivalents reduces the need for data input and minimizes errors.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make data entry faster.
  • Exporting compliance reports to PDF or CSV files can be done in a matter of minutes for quick customer request turnarounds.

All of these built-in support features make for a valuable turnkey solution for any organization that wants to leverage the power, speed and accuracy of CDX and IMDS to simplify and guarantee the quality of their material compliance reporting.

Whether you are a new user looking for a basic introduction or an experienced user looking to broaden your expertise, Tetra Tech offers online training modules that will help you get the most out of your CDX and IMDS reporting.


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