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The automotive industry and its suppliers must meet demanding data quality requirements by reporting chemical and substance-level data to keep products compliant and on the market.

  • Requirements From Regulatory Authorities
    Companies in the automotive industry must meet requirements from governmental entities, often with shifting regulations and aggressive deadlines. These include EU REACH, SCIP, Conflict Minerals and RoHS.
  • Requirements From OEMs
    Regulatory and quality requirements also come from customers and are sometimes even more demanding than those from regulatory authorities.
  • Chemicals Reporting
    Regulatory reporting in automotive involves collecting chemical product data, both for what you manufacture and what you obtain from your suppliers. Your access to the market depends on your accurate reporting.

Tetra Tech Experts 20+ Years’ Expertise to
Support Your Automotive Compliance Needs

With decades of regulatory experience in the automotive industry and IMDS reporting, our Tetra Tech experts can help you efficiently navigate the changing requirements and complex supply chains of automotive product compliance.

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Expert, On-Call Team

Tetra Tech’s team has more than 20 years’ experience in automotive reporting with the International Material Data System (IMDS). We can answer your automotive regulatory questions and offer the support you need to report with confidence.

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Extensive IMDS Resources

Tetra Tech automotive compliance experts have developed a number of tools and resources to help you overcome and avoid rejections, plan ahead with full material declarations and gain overall greater confidence in IMDS.

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Custom Turn-Key Solutions

From compliance program assessments to SVHC reporting, program implementation and professional online training certification programs, Tetra Tech can serve your specific automotive compliance reporting needs.

Your Compliance Expert

AJ Guikema
IMDS + CDX + SCIP Reporting Expert

­AJ has decades of environmental and product compliance consulting experience and brings a unique expertise to all clients. Always up to date with the latest regulations and preparing for new ones — he’s ready to answer all of your compliance questions.

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Available Online

Strengthen Your Automotive Regulatory Compliance
Program with Online IMDS Training and More

IMDS Training

IMDS Basic

Build a strong IMDS foundation with Tetra Tech’s Basic IMDS course for professionals new to IMDS. Gain a high-level introduction to IMDS, data quality requirements and the steps required to complete submissions.

IMDS Standard

Learn how to overcome IMDS hurdles with our standard course, made for professionals already familiar with IMDS. Expert insights and hands-on exercises will help you complete your IMDS submissions with proficiency.

IMDS Training

IMDS Advanced

Streamline your IMDS techniques and processes with the expert insight in Tetra Tech’s Advanced IMDS course. Learn how to improve your data quality, prepare for requirement changes and successfully meet customer deadlines.

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OEM Custom

Explore customized courses specific to meeting and reporting to OEM data quality requirements. Contact a Tetra Tech specialist for further customization options.

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SCIP Training

Meet SCIP database requirements for your EU market products with guidance from our compliance specialists.

Prepare for IMDS Release 13.0

A new and enhanced version of IMDS is planned for launch on March 10, 2021, with IMDS Release 13.0. This new version adds new features, deactivates others and offers additional functions such as compatibility with SCIP database compliance reporting. Recommendation 019 use will also be terminated, which will require users who submitted electronics components to re-think their approach to compliance.
These changes can and will impact your future IMDS reporting. Tetra Tech will be creating an IMDS Release 13.0 Certification Training, which will be available online starting March 10, 2021; email us for pre-registration. It is important to understand how and to what extent now to make preparations — and to keep your products on the global market. Learn more about the release, and contact our IMDS experts with questions, concerns or needs at IMDS@tetratech.com or 734-546-5674.
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With changing compliance requirements and aggressive deadlines in the automotive industry, you want to keep your products on the market and meet regulations with confidence. Tetra Tech can support you in all your compliance needs.