CDX Reporting

Make the most of Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) reporting to successfully meet compliance regulations.


Avoid the hectic scramble to re-survey your supply chain each time a reporting deadline or new product compliance regulation arises. With DXC Technology’s CDX software, you can build a full materials declaration now — detailing every material of your product, down your supply chain — to report with efficiency and accuracy into the future. Plus, your company will be able to pinpoint and pull reports on any substances of concern (SoC) to meet customer and market requirements.

    Meet current and new regulations with ease with full materials declarations in CDX reporting software. This centralized compliance software system can help you manage supplier data and report your substances to meet customer and global regulations.
    If your company spans both the automotive and non-automotive industries, get the appropriate licensing to transfer data from IMDS to CDX. You can cover all your compliance bases by making the most out of your CDX software. We can show you how.


Tetra Tech has spent decades using compliance software programs to guide companies in meeting regulations successfully. Our team can help your company use the Compliance Data Exchange software more effectively, input internal and supplier data on your behalf, and help your team get set up for accurate product compliance reporting.

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Expert, On-Call Team

Tetra Tech’s team of compliance experts is always ready to answer your compliance software questions. We can help your company train a compliance team, meet global regulations, and find the compliance software right for your needs.

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Online Training and Resources

Gain expertise in CDX reporting with our online CDX training. Learn how to navigate CDX with hands-on training that is accessible from your computer — anytime and anywhere.

Supply Chain Support

Survey your supply chain efficiently with support from Tetra Tech. We can communicate with suppliers on your behalf to uncover the product chemistry information you need for a full materials declaration or to meet a regulation deadline.

Your Compliance Expert

AJ Guikema
IMDS + CDX + SCIP Reporting Expert

­AJ has decades of environmental and product compliance consulting experience and brings a unique expertise to all clients. Always up to date with the latest regulations and preparing for new ones — he’s ready to answer all of your compliance questions.

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Be prepared for regulation and requirement changes with CDX. Have all the information you need about the make-up of your products so you can be prepared for any requirement that comes your way.

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CDX Training

Learn how to use CDX for your company’s compliance reporting. From the basics of navigating CDX to how to make and edit CDX entries, our online hands-on CDX training can lead you to more efficient compliance reporting.

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SCIP Training

Meet SCIP database requirements for your EU market products with guidance from our compliance specialists.

Compliance Program Implementation


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Online Training


Maintain a compliance program to answer today’s regulations — and tomorrow’s. Get support from Tetra Tech and gain the expertise you need for successful reporting with CDX.

Frequently Asked Questions: Compliance Data Exchange Reporting

My customer is asking for a CDX submission — how do I get started?

The best way to get started is through education and training. There are multiple resources directly on the CDX website or you could consider taking Tetra Tech’s hands-on, online CDX Training.

I supply the same product to multiple industries and my data is already in IMDS. My non-automotive customer is requesting a CDX submission. Can’t they just register in IMDS and get my data from there?

No. Per the IMDS Terms of Use, only authorized automotive OEMs and their direct supply chain can use IMDS. If your customer is non-automotive and not part of the automotive community, they cannot use IMDS. You will need to re-enter the data into CDX or purchase the necessary licenses to transfer data from IMDS to CDX using the data transfer option.

What regulations or substance of concern lists does CDX help me comply with?

CDX can support you in meeting a variety of regulations:

  • REACH Candidate List
  • RoHS
  • ELV
  • Batteries
  • Packaging
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • REACH Annex XIV and XVII
  • Aerospace and Defense Declarable Substance List (AD-DSL)
  • California Proposition 65

CDX can also support conflict minerals reporting, SCIP database reporting and customer-specific requirements.

Does CDX have a way to send data requests to suppliers?

Yes. A user can use the MDS Request feature to request data from suppliers. Requests can be made to both registered and unregistered suppliers. Unregistered suppliers will receive an email with registration details. Bulk requests can be made to registered suppliers.

My customer sent me a request for CDX and requires FMD. What does that mean?

FMD stands for full material declaration or 100% declaration. FMD will provide your customer with the necessary details to determine compliance. It is likely your customer will not have to request additional information from you when regulations, exemptions or substances of concerns change year after year. FMD requires the disclosure of each homogenous material used in your product and each material’s substance composition. If you have concerns regarding proprietary formulations, CDX has options for marking substances as confidential.

How do I know if my product is compliant?

Unfortunately, CDX cannot tell you whether or not a product is compliant; it will still require due diligence and compliance expertise. However, CDX does include multiple options to help the user evaluate compliance. These options include data checks identifying warnings and errors, where-used analysis reports, and data filtering for specific regulations and substance lists.

Is CDX free?

Yes. It is free to create and submit a datasheet and to create a conflict minerals declaration. However, there are some features that are only available with a paid MDS or CMD license, such accepting and rejecting supplier MDS and creating internal substance lists and regulations.

Where can I get more help with CDX?

Our expert team is ready to help you with all your CDX questions and needs. Contact us at imds@tetratech.com and let us know how we can help you.