Aerospace and defense manufacturers must meet demanding data quality requirements and must report on chemical regulatory requirements with aggressive reporting deadlines in order to keep their products marketable in 2020.

Aerospace and defense suppliers must not only learn, understand and meet new compliance regulations set by regulatory authorities but also OEM customer requirements which are often even more onerous.

This entails collecting  chemical product data for the component parts you manufacture and also collecting the same information for components you purchase from your suppliers. It means understanding what to do with all this information. You must accurately and correctly submit reports to comply with regulations and to ensure you can continue to meet customer and market requirements.

On your own, this is not easy. Teaming with Tetra Tech, you will be able to design and implement a smooth, reliable process.

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The aerospace and defense industry has invested a significant amount of resources to simplify material reporting up and down the supply chain.

Two main tools have been developed by this effort.  The first is a chemical list called the AD-DSL (Aerospace and Defense – Declarable Substance List).  This list is an accumulation of other regulatory chemical lists that have been filtered to include only substances specifically applicable to the aerospace and defense industry.

The other tool is known as the AD-SRT (Aerospace and Defense – Substance Reporting Tool). This product is a Microsoft Excel file created to collect the supplier and materials information that the industry needs to report much of the material regulations. It also simplifies the data into a machine-readable language for system-to-system data exchange.  Tetra Tech has been heavily involved in the development in both of these tools and can help you implement them for your aerospace and defense industry needs.

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