IMDS 13.0 Training Module Now Available from Tetra Tech

The International Materials Data System (IMDS) version 13.0 was released in 2021, with updates to improve both the ease and accuracy of reporting. Compliance professionals have greatly anticipated its release, especially since it includes requested features such as support for multi-sourcing and SCIP reporting.

Tetra Tech’s online Standard IMDS training now covers IMDS 13.0 updates to help you understand and use these new features for better reporting. Here’s what you can expect to see in IMDS 13.0 and Tetra Tech’s online training.

IMDS 13.0 Features

IMDS 13.0 enhances reporting and improves the accuracy of your data with a variety of interface and technical updates.

  • New required attributes and interface to transfer MDSs to SCIP
  • Increased precision for portions
  • Support for multi-sourcing
  • Lower thresholds for available selection of Application Codes
  • Threshold parameter for every Where-Used Analysis related to substances
  • Where-Used Analysis for MDSs with recyclate information
  • Change in recyclate handling for polymer materials
  • Re-establishment of certain default Application Codes
  • Deactivation of Recommendation 019
  • Deactivation of Material Classifications 8.x
  • Deactivation of Material Classifications 1.2 Cast Iron, 5.5.1 Plastics in polymeric compounds and 5.4 Duromers
  • Changes in IMDS SC 90 Checks
  • Notifications for when confidential substances are added to REACH or GADSL
  • Downloadable SCIP Substance Mapping file

More information about these changes can be found in the IMDS 13.0 Release Notes.

IMDS 13.0 Training

For help in learning how to use these new IMDS 13.0 features, sign up for Tetra Tech’s online IMDS training. Tetra Tech’s IMDS 13.0 Training module, which is now included in the Standard Level IMDS training, addresses how to use new features along with a quiz to test your knowledge.

Tetra Tech’s IMDS experts have already been using IMDS 13.0 and can answer any question you have about the new features, as well as guide you through the learning curve of these changes.

Get IMDS Support

Tetra Tech’s team can help you use IMDS confidently for successful automotive compliance. Whether you need training, compliance management support or compliance assessments, our team is here to help.

To learn more about our IMDS training, visit our training page or contact us at [email protected].

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