ECHA Promises Insight to the Forthcoming Waste Framework Directive Database Requirements

After resource negotiations with the European Commission, ECHA is on its way to creating the Waste Framework Directive SVHC database prototype.  

As a refresher, the database is the result of ECHA revising its Waste Framework Directive, which officially went into effect July 2018. It will exist for companies importing, producing or supplying products to input any articles that contain candidate list substances.  

As for the database, ECHA will start with a prototype to be finished by January 5, 2020, to allow for piloting and testing.  

A Real Possibility of Delays 

The database creation has already experienced months of delays due to a lack of resources for ECHA to start its creation.  

According to Chemical Watch, ECHA believes the January 5, 2020, deadline looks to be a challenging one to meet. However, the agency has committed itself to making the database available for testing in “early 2020,” with information submission tools fully operational in advance of the 2021 deadline of the full database implementation and for companies to start inputting data.   

 The Question We Are All Left to Ask 

As we wait for the database prototype to be created, we still have little insight into the information ECHA will request manufacturers to input for compliance and what this will look like. ECHA has acknowledged this concern, however, and has said it will publish the information requirements on its website by Summer 2019 

In the meantime, check back here for any updates we receive and more word on what to expect in the coming years for your European chemicals reporting requirements.  

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