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If you store more than 1,320 gallons of oil in containers of 55-gallons or more, you may need to maintain a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan. Developing and implementing an SPCC plan can help you understand your oil storage, prevent oil spills, plan for cleanup, and determine and schedule required inspections.

    Each facility requires a facility specific SPCC plan. This plan prepares your team for any possibility — from actions to prevent spills now to steps for controlling any spills that do occur. You will also need to keep your plan up to date and in compliance to avoid possible citations and fines from government inspectors.
    If you have an SPCC plan, you are required to perform various inspections. Prevent possible discharges and releases to the environment by having a proper inspection plan documented and in place.
    Keep your SPCC compliance team prepared with the required annual Oil-Handling Personnel training. Make sure your team knows the law and the regulatory obligations prescribed in your SPCC plan.

Tetra Tech SPCC Compliance Experts Here to Support You

Tetra Tech’s SPCC team has years of experience in developing SPCC plans, container inspections and personnel training on SPCC compliance. Our experts can help your facility feel secure in its compliance.

Customizable SPCC Training

Prepare your team for any possibility. Tetra Tech’s training is customized to meet the needs of your facility, so you can meet the training requirements of your specific SPCC plan.

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SPCC Plan Support

Clearly understand the SPCC regulations and requirements for your facility. Tetra Tech can help your facility develop a regulatory compliant SPCC plan.

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SPCC Inspections

Evaluate your inspection program against the requirements for each type of container. We can help you identify what inspections are required and provide onsite support to conduct inspections.

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SPCC Audits

Prepare your facility and team for regulatory inspections by letting us come in first. We can help you find overlooked violations and avoid SPCC fines.

Your Compliance Expert

Jason Witter
SPCC Expert

Jason Witter is a certified STI SP001 aboveground storage tank inspector, ISO 140001 lead auditor, and general environmental compliance practitioner with extensive experience in SPCC training and plan development. His expertise can guide your SPCC program to successful compliance.

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Our SPCC training equips your Oil-Handling
Personnel with a 40 CFR 112-compliant training.
We customize the training for your facility so your
team understands the regulations and requirements
of your specific SPCC plan.

SPCC Compliance

SPCC Training

Work with our experts to create a custom SPCC training for your facility. Our modules on secondary containment, container types and common inspection points will prepare your Oil-Handling Personnel with everything needed for seamless SPCC compliance.

Compliance Program Implementation


Reporting Management

Online Training


Be prepared for any SPCC situation — from audits to spills — with support from Tetra Tech. Our experts can guide your facility in custom plans, trainings and more.