Missed the UK REACH Grandfathering Deadline? Take These Steps.

UK REACH (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals) was signed into law on January 1, 2021. For Great Britain–based suppliers and manufacturers with substances already registered under EU REACH, the UK regulatory body offered a transitional period to grandfather in registrations. That transition period ended April 30, 2021.

While many companies took quick action by surveying and educating suppliers on the new UK requirements, others likely struggled to make the deadline. If your company is in the latter group, continue reading.

‘I Missed the UK REACH Grandfathering Deadline. Now What?’

Unfortunately, since the UK REACH regulation has not been finalized, the process for meeting the regulation is difficult to navigate without compliance expertise.

For a last shot, have your regulatory professional or expert representative contact the UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive) by email to explore the option of late grandfathering, and be prepared with the necessary UK REACH grandfathering requirements.

More realistically, though, if you failed to grandfather your EU REACH registration into the UK REACH system, your only other option left is to create a new registration to retain access to the England, Scotland and Wales markets.

UK REACH New Registration

If your Great Britain–based company will manufacture or import substances into Great Britain at or above 1 tonne per year, you are required to file a registration for that chemical substance.

  1. File an Article 26 Inquiry with the IUCLID software.
  2. Receive an inquiry number.
  3. Submit a registration dossier via the “Comply with UK REACH” system and pay the associated fee (varies).

Currently the process to submit a new registration is similar to EU REACH, though in time the requirements and system are likely to uniquely evolve.

For new substances never registered with ECHA, you must meet full information requirements for your tonnage band. For substances registered with ECHA in the past, you must still register the chemical, however, you may be eligible to defer the full information requirements, which you will be informed of after submitting the Article 26 Inquiry.

Get Support

For further support complying with UK REACH, contact Tetra Tech’s compliance experts at [email protected]. Our global compliance team can help analyze your supply chain and implement a system for gathering necessary chemicals data. We can equip your compliance team with the skills and knowledge needed to report within UK REACH with accuracy and efficiency.

In 2021, make sure your products can stay on the market for years to come by meeting UK REACH requirements confidently — contact us today.

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