April 30, 2021, Is Another Key Milestone for UK REACH: Meet the Requirements Now

UK REACH officially came into force on January 1, 2021, as a result of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (aka Brexit). This new regulatory regime affects companies based in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) that wish to manufacture, import, sell or distribute chemical substances or mixtures.

For most, the UK REACH regulation comes after years of complying with EU REACH and requires a few steps to maintain market access. For manufacturers new to the market, there are actions to take now in order to gain access to Great Britain.

Meet the Requirements: UK-Based Manufacturers

UK REACH has developed a new IT system — “Comply with UK REACH” — where companies must register and document chemicals, including:

  • “Grandfathering” chemical compliance to continue having uninterrupted access to the UK market
  • Submitting new substance registrations
  • Notification of continued importation of substances from the EU or EEA by submitting a Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN)
  • Transferring compliance assets to a new legal entity

Companies are being granted a 120-day “transition period” to comply with certain aspects of UK REACH and must grandfather in their EU REACH registrations by April 30, 2021, to maintain access to the Great Britain market.

Downstream companies within Great Britain without a current EU REACH registration need to cover EU or EEA country chemical importations under a valid UK REACH registration.  DUINs must be submitted by October 27, 2021. Learn more here.

Meet the Requirements: Outside Manufacturers Importing to the UK

If your company imports chemicals into Great Britain, it is vital you review your role and requirements between the EU and UK REACH systems, as well as where your current suppliers fall. Double-check your compliance to confirm your access between EU, EEA and UK markets.

For EU- and EEA-based manufacturers looking to retain access to the Great Britain market, you must appoint an Only Representative based in the UK to act on your behalf to fulfill the obligations.

For support, please contact Tetra Tech at [email protected]. We have a global product compliance presence in both the EU and the UK to help serve the full range of your Only Representative needs.

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