Catena-X: An Important New Development for IMDS Users

In the face of radical change and complex challenges in the automotive industry, collaboration and data digitalization are essential to remain competitive. Catena-X is at the forefront of automotive innovation, leading the way in enhancing industry efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. 

If you need assistance understanding Catena-X, our experts are here to help. With decades of experience in the automotive regulatory reporting sector, we can provide training, custom solutions, and compliance support to your team. Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Catena-X, IMDS, and Carbon Emission Reporting

The European Union has legislated significant new requirements addressing climate change, which will require importers of automotive components to account for the carbon emission content of the products they import into the EU. Similar to what happened with the End of Life Vehicles Directive, the automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are now creating systems, tools, and processes to capture this data in the IMDS system and will soon expect their suppliers to contribute carbon footprint data via IMDS to support the carbon calculations that the OEMs will have to provide to the EU authorities.  

While carbon reporting is currently voluntary for many suppliers, it will become increasingly mandatory, and suppliers are being warned by their OEMs to prepare for increasing expectations in the near future. Suppliers may begin preparing for this change through the early adoption of Catena-X.

Catena-X is an open data ecosystem crafted exclusively for the automotive industry, and it is one important piece in the OEM’s approach to capturing carbon data from their suppliers. It is a unifying platform connecting diverse entities, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to OEMs. This collaborative environment facilitates the seamless creation, operation, and utilization of data chains throughout the automotive industry. One of the major tools that will be used to capture and report this data will be the IMDS system.

How Does Catena-X work?

The automotive industry’s success is based on an extensive network of suppliers. Up to now, carbon data has generally been exchanged ad-hoc and bilaterally between individual partners. Everyone uses their own formats and systems that are not compatible with each other. In many ways, similar to the concept behind IMDS data flow, Catena-X standardizes the flow of data and makes information accessible to all participants. 

By providing a secure and reliable platform for data exchange, similar to IMDS, Catena-X empowers all suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry to collaborate within a shared and trusted global industry data space. 

By linking individual data pools, Catena-X contributes to making carbon footprints more measurable, moving beyond average values. This shift is significant for those striving to comply with evolving environmental regulations.

Who can use Catena-X?

Catena-X is open to all companies in the European automotive industry, along with their global partners, users, and suppliers worldwide. 

However, companies must obtain certification to be part of this network, demonstrating their adherence to interoperability and data sovereignty principles. Since the success of this data ecosystem hinges on widespread acceptance and active participation, every supplier, manufacturer, and developer is encouraged to obtain certification, join, and share their data.

As an automotive supplier, you will most likely receive guidance from your individual customers on when, how, and why you must support the Catena-X standards in IMDS and with your product carbon footprint reporting. For now, it is a good time to learn more about Catena-X so you are not caught off-guard when the reporting requests start flowing to you from various customers.

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Catena-X is leading the way in digital collaboration, offering a path to a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable automotive industry.

If you need help understanding Catena-X or achieving certification, our experts are ready to assist. With decades of experience in the automotive regulatory reporting sector, we can provide training, custom solutions, and compliance support to your team. Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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