Now Available! The Expert IMDS Troubleshooting Guide

IMDS Troubleshooting Guide

Access your free IMDS troubleshooting guide to overcoming the most common IMDS rejections!

IMDS rejections threaten to keep your products — and those of your customers — from remaining market-compliant. With a complex system and even more complex regulatory needs, IMDS rejections can be confusing and time consuming to address. Knowing how to prevent these common mistakes will increase the chances of your submissions’ acceptance and your reporting efficiency.

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What’s Inside

The Tetra Tech Expert IMDS Troubleshooting Guide details the eight most common rejections users face in IMDS as well as step-by-step instructions for fixing them now — and avoiding them altogether into the future. You’ll learn how to overcome rejections due to:

  1. Incorrect Description or Part/Item Number
  2. Failure to Use IMDS Committee Published Materials
  3. Creating or Using a Polymer Entry Composed of Only 1 Substance
  4. Incorrect MDS Tree Hierarchy
  5. Variance Between Measured and Calculated Weights
  6. Incorrectly Applying ELV Annex II Exemptions
  7. Incorrectly Dealing with “Unreportable” Process Chemicals
  8. Creating a New Material Datasheet vs. New Version of Original MDS

IMDS TroubleshootingIMDS Troubleshooting

Supporting You Into the Future

This guide was created to help you with the most common IMDS rejections you face now but will also be a valuable resource to keep on hand for future troubleshooting for current employees and any new employees who join your compliance team.

Here’s to leveling up your IMDS compliance reporting — access your copy now!

For further support with IMDS troubleshooting, rules and reporting guidelines, consider our online IMDS trainings, which will provide you and your team with the expertise needed to achieve seamless quality compliance reporting. Our online trainings take users through hands-on, expert-guided video module exercises, as well as quizzes to test IMDS proficiency along the way. Reach out to Tetra Tech’s expert IMDS team for further guidance and more information.



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