Overcoming SCIP Database Hurdles: Steps for Information Entry and IUCLID Use

We have been hearing about how the Waste Framework Directive (EU) 2018/851 will be affecting the future of doing business in the EU by requiring importers and manufacturers to supply information on articles that contain REACH SVHCs. The initial data requirements are published and ECHA built a beta database — the SCIP database — that can already tell you what information you will need to collect and upload.

Now, it is up to importers and manufacturers to gather information and enter it into the database. While much of this required information is straightforward, the method of entering it can seem more complicated. With support offered by Tetra Tech, your company can overcome these potential SCIP database hurdles.

Information Required by the SCIP

Much of the information required in the SCIP database is clear-cut.

Article Name: entered as free text

Primary Article Identifier: entered as a part number, etc.

Article Category: based on the TARIC list, which can sometimes be complicated to determine due to the size and level of details

Manufactured in EU: entered as yes, no or unwilling to say

Safe Use Instructions: information on how to safely handle substances within the article entered as free text

Concern Element: where you list the SVHCs

Optional Fields: where other names and identifiers, pictures of Article and physical characteristics such as weight, color and dimensions can be entered

Accessing IUCLID to Enter Information into SCIP

Entering this data into the SCIP can prove more complicated than you might suspect. The IUCLID software, which is compatible with SCIP, is meant to ease the burden of data entry. But accessing the IUCLID tool has its own set of steps.

  1. Access ECHA cloud services by using a simple registration and login process
  2. Create a new Legal Entity or transfer from existing one with LEOX file
  3. Access IUCLID cloud services
  4. Use the IUCLID tool to create a dossier for Article
  5. Go back into REACH-IT account and load Article dossier into the SCIP database

In short, there is more work to complete during your SCIP database entries than might be expected, and you will need to do more than simply obtain the SVHC content information on your articles of import. You may need to find an organization that can create a path for your data submission. If this is something you cannot accomplish within your organization, contact us for assistance. Tetra Tech is here to help you navigate the world of SCIP database submissions.


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