Tetra Tech Compliance Expert to Present at Upcoming AIAG Conference

AIAG Conference Compliance Expert

Project manager Mayrie Eckermann will be presenting at the AIAG 2019 IMDS and Product Chemical Compliance Conference, October 16–17.

Eckermann’s presentation, entitled “Data Quality Improvements,” will dive into an issue plaguing manufacturers and their suppliers: collecting and improving the quality of their data information — and acceptance of streamlined IMDS submission.

Specifically, the presentation will take audience members through Eckermann’s groundbreaking five “CLIMB” strategies that help address any data shortcomings and place organizations on the right track for high-quality data collection and management, using IMDS.

“The quantities of data that manufacturers must collect and make usable is massive. When managing their internal data, along with the uncertainty of the data quality suppliers send, it is no wonder this continues to be an issue. With constant updates to industry regulations and customer requirements, quality of data is more important than ever,” Eckermann said. “By touching on this topic, I hope to provide the industry some actionable tools to remain at the forefront of compliance.”

Her presentation will be held on Thursday, October 17, at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time at the Mint at Michigan First Conference Center in Lathrup Village, Michigan.

Eckermann has 18 years of product compliance experience and has conducted hundreds of IMDS and Product Compliant related trainings. She is the lead project manager for 40 active product compliant projects at Tetra Tech, utilizing a personalized approach to turnkey and process-based solutions for her clients.

The 2019 AIAG conference theme is “Beyond ELV: The Expanding Requirements for Compliance Reporting,” which along with Eckermann’s insights will include information on what you will need to meet upcoming and ever-changing requirements.

For more information or to register for the conference before the October 9 deadline, visit the AIAG registration page here 


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