Online IMDS Training – Advanced


The IMDS Advanced Level will walk you through 14 intensive hands-on exercises which will develop a very rigorous IMDS subject matter expertise for your staff, and will help your supply chain meet your customer IMDS data quality requirements.
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    Product Description

    The Tetra Tech Advanced IMDS Training Course is intended for experienced IMDS professionals who are well beyond the basics and who are seeking to streamline techniques and processes in order to enhance supplier and customer communication, improve data quality, prepare for requirement changes and successfully meet customer deadlines.

    17 Modules | 16 Quizzes | 14 Exercises

    This course covers:

    • Utilizing Administrator functions to create company organizational units and view data statistics

    • Creating/Responding to MDS request

    • Marking MDSs as obsolete

    • Forwarding a raw material datasheet

    • Performing mass MDS updates with the MDS Update feature

    • Completing an exercise in data entry efficiencies

    • Summary of best practices for developing an IMDS internal process

    • How to ensure your data stays up-to-date with changing regulations and requirements using the “Where-Used-Analysis” feature of IMDS

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